Music Life Player

The Objective: To serve the client's wishes through faultless music delivery, we utilize state of the art technology. Designed just for Music Assurance, the Music Life Player has many features that support both the therapist and the patient and result in an innovative clinical application.

For the Therapist: The Music Life Player is the system that a therapist uses in order to carry out a patient's Music Life Plan. The Music Life Player is responsible for: allowing patient information to be entered into the Preference Profile, constructing the patient's customized playlists, and delivering the playlists at times the therapist defines.

For the Patient: The Music Life Player can serve the patient 24 hours per day and is a gentle, non-pharmaceutical presence that systematically provides the patient's chosen music from all playlists as part of a clinical treatment plan. The resulting mood regulation can be a significantly positive influence. For example, the Energy playlist can invigorate the patient prior to and during physical therapy exercise. Recognition of personally chosen favorite music in any playlist orients the patient to a sense of self and emotional comfort. During visits from friends and family, music choices from patient playlists can prompt reminiscing, singing, movement and interpersonal relatedness.